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Thanks for your interest in Nourishments Health Studio. I am Si-Si McQuade the founder of Nourishments Health Studio. My mission is simple: improving the lives of my clients. My intention is to create an environment for your health – wellness & love. When you walk through the doors, you are going to feel and see that immediately. Come in for your first treatment and you’ll be introduced to new ways to support your personal journey towards healthy balance and wellness in your body and life. I will lovingly guide you to find the right treatments, products and recommendations for your health and wellbeing.  I have so much to share with you and I can’t wait to welcome you to my very special space.

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In today’s world, focusing on our internal digestive health - as well as our external physical health - is vital to maintaining a core balance within our bodies. I focus on collaborating with you to help you gain the health and wellness your body is desiring.


Colon hydrotherapy

A healthy, well-functioning digestive system is the essential to supporting whole body health.   


Intuitive Massage

A powerful approach to a balance of body, mind and spirit involves massage to relieve pain and energy blockages.


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Here's what my clients say...

I started going to Nourishments last August. I had a goal to loose weight for my son’s wedding. I had read about doing a detox before starting a diet. In the book it said colonics and massage are a great way to detox. I Contacted Si-Si and did 10 colonics in 10 weeks with massages in between. I ended up with a 50 lb weight loss and two years later, I have maintained my weight I continue to get a colonic every other week. Si-Si was such an encouragement through the detox phase and my weight loss plan. She is always kind and compassionate and always in the solution.
— Deb Garcia
SiSi is amazing! I’ve going to her for hydrotherapy for the past couple of months and have always been more than satisfied. I have lived with constipation for as long as I can remember and hydrotherapy has been a total game changer. My migraines are not as bad anymore, I feel more energetic and hydrated. Plus SiSi is just such a joy to talk to. She is super knowledgeable and make this awkward procedure very comfortable.
— Vaish P.
Si-Si is a natural at making you feel very comfortable and relaxed during your therapy session. She has the gift of healing and is very nurturing but also professional and knowledgeable. I always learn new things about health and wellness during my appointment with her as she takes great pride & care to make sure you are properly informed & educated. Her studio is modern, clean & conveniently located. The best thing about Si-Si though is she is passionate about her calling & helping her clients through their wellness journey and it is contagious!
— Julie Teron
I’ve been seeing Si-Si McQuade at Nourishments Heath Studio for years. I first started with massage and now I’ve incorporated colon hydrotherapy. The results I have gotten are amazing. My massages - about every two to three weeks - have improved my upper back...I was starting to develop a hump and the massage is keeping it from getting worse. Initially, I wasn’t sure I wanted to try a colonic, but now I’m hooked! They have improved my health immensely. I suffer from allergies, asthma and digestive issues. Since I’ve been doing a colonic every two weeks my health has drastically improved. I can’t remember the last time I had to use my inhaler or allergy medication! I strongly recommend Si-Si. She has taught me so much about my body, I’ve learned how to eat different. Si-Si knows how to explain things so I understand. At age 59 approaching the big 60, I feel much better today then I did at 50! The environment at Nourishment’s is beautiful! I love the bright airy feeling.
— Adriana Sullivan


I care about you

Whether it is a massage session or a colon hydrotherapy session, I want you to feel welcome. This genuine connection is the foundation for one of my greatest passions: helping people achieve their health goals by building a supportive, nurturing environment where you will receive skilled treatments performed by me with love and guidance.

“I want to attract people who are ready to be vulnerable in a new way, who can feel safe with me; those who are feeling a pull to do things a little differently in order to enhance their personal wellness.”




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